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I am a certified dog trainer working throughout Liverpool and I'm here to help you become a better owner, and to help you understand your dog better. With my reactive dog training, I can help your nervous dog manage behaviour under stressors.

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I have been studying the behaviour of many domestic Canis breeds for several years and have come to understand the best methods to quickly engrain training. I do not believe in forcing a dog to act in a certain way is beneficial for the owner or the dog so I employ a positive reinforcement method. So no shock collars, beepers or any other item associated with punishment.

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No matter how badly behaved you think your dog might be, there is always hope. Whether you have just got a new puppy, or an older dog that has some behaviour issues, I am here to help. I strongly believe that every dog is worth putting in the effort for, and I am dedicated to helping owners all over Liverpool train their dog to become a better owner and build stronger bonds. We are providing Mobile in home Dog training in Liverpool.

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My training program begins with a comprehensive assessment of your dog's needs and behavior. This allows me to develop a customized training plan tailored to address the specific challenges your dog is facing. I understand that each dog is unique, and I adapt our techniques to suit their individual temperament and learning style. We specialise in Obedience training Liverpool,Puppy Training Liverpool, Dog Obedience Trainers in Liverpool, Professional Dog Training Liverpool for dogs of all ages.

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We specialize in dog training services that cater to dogs of any size and any breed, addressing a wide range of behavioral issues. I am an experienced trainer providing the best possible results, ensuring your dog's transformation and improved behavior.